Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not to be missed!

A friend of mine sent me a link to an amazing rendition of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". It is a presentation recorded and enhanced by a father of one of the students you will hear performing. It will remind you what being an american is all about. Enjoy the link below!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Goals - We Need Your Help to be Successful!

Our Goals

· To have representation in all 50 states within 10 years

· To work hand in hand with other national and local veterans groups

· To affiliate with other non-profit organizations that have common interests

· The Foundation is committed to Louisiana and Florida as our states of choice for 2009.

· We expect to have representation in 3 additional states by the end of 2009.

· To assist Veterans from anywhere in the USA to relocate to Florida or Louisiana

· We are committed to provide one house Free each month to a disabled veteran from Iraq 0r Afghanistan wars and to move their family to Louisiana or Florida.

· We will assist in finding assisted living facilities for disabled vets if needed

· We will open our Ft Myers Headquarters to all veterans from Lee, Collier or Charlotte counties to register with us.
2257 Cleveland Ave Ft Myers Fl 33901 (donated by Veteran Paul Auger, owner of Nu-Image Claims Restoration and remodeling)

· We will offer financial assistance whenever possible

· We will provide medical transportation when available

· We will expand our goals and commitments as we grow.

A Faith Based Non –Profit Company committed to Investing in our Heroes from every generation

God Bless our troops
Ralph A. Santillo, Founder of Invest In America's Veterans Foundation

Investing in America’s Heroes Today for the Rebuilding of America Tomorrow

A Faith Based Non – Profit Company committed to serving our Heroes

Mission Statement
The primary mission of Invest in America’s Veterans Foundation is to serve our Iraq-Afghanistan Veterans by giving them a “Head Start” in getting back in to the mainstream with the least resistance from the environment. The Veterans Foundation will offer them a Roundtable format for them to discuss their needs and a venue to provide counseling in the primary areas of life. The Veterans Foundation will create jobs when feasible and will place Veterans into jobs when achievable. We will work hand and hand with other Veterans’ organizations from every state to help to relocate Veterans and their families to the Louisiana "Go Zone"or Florida if they have the desire to do so.

We believe that Veterans helping Veterans is a path to success. We will enlist Veterans from every generation to join us in this Campaign. Sharing your knowledge and experience will be critical to their rehabilitation.

Our commitment is to serve with Veterans from any generation. We offer a Roundtable of experts for all Veterans to sit with if they need assistance on housing, financial planning, education and business opportunities as well as Christian counseling of a variety of denominations.

We will help to preserve the memories of the Heroes of all wars.

God Bless our troops
Ralph A. Santillo, Founder of Invest in America Veterans Foundation

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

America and its Veterans Need You Now!!!!

I don't believe anyone needs to be told there is an economic "problem" in America right now. Daily the news media adds more and more stories of downturns, economic unstability, foreclosures, falling stocks and rising unemployment. We can all feel sorry for ourselves and sit in a dark corner and cry - or we can become the Americans our forefathers wanted us to be when this great country was born!

One group that requires our attention is our returning military veterans. Many return to foreclosed homes, economic problems, lack of care for the disabled and no jobs. Invest in America's Veterans Foundation wants your support to make these problems disappear. The first solution needs to start with housing. SW Florida, for instance, has one of the highest foreclosure rates in America. Low prices, great mortgage programs for veterans and a large inventory of abandoned homes makes this the place and time to buy these homes. With assistance from investors, we can get these abandoned homes at great prices and allow veterans to have a lease-to-own contract if they cannot buy today.

The ripple effect? Abandoned homes have families living in them. Mortgages and lease agreements are written. Contractors need to hire painters, electricians, carpenters, etc. (which can also be returning veterans) to work on these homes to make repairs. Building supplies stores sales go up from contractors and home owner handymen. More people in homes, vandalism declines. Get the picture?!? - We helped re-build an American neighborhood!

Monday, December 15, 2008

What is the Veterans Foundation all about?

A team of specialists in their respective fields joined forces to help returning American military personnel. The Invest in America Veterans Foundation will be providing affordable housing, career planning, credit education, family and marriage counseling and other services as needed. We will be working with many agencies to help us reach our goals. For the next couple of weeks, I will be posting information as this program comes together. Brief bios of the organizers and their specialities will be featured here. We will be asking for donations to get the Veteran programs developed and organized.

Future posts will include stories about the families we hope to help. Progress reports on the seminars, classes and programs will be presented. Videos showing the construction or remodeling of facilities for our returning Military Veterans.

We ask the readers and subscribers to this blog to be charitable with your donations and if in the neighborhood, your volunteer help will always be welcome! They deserve our help since they have protected our rights and freedoms! If not for our Military Veterans, I would not have the freedom to post these messages!