Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Goals - We Need Your Help to be Successful!

Our Goals

· To have representation in all 50 states within 10 years

· To work hand in hand with other national and local veterans groups

· To affiliate with other non-profit organizations that have common interests

· The Foundation is committed to Louisiana and Florida as our states of choice for 2009.

· We expect to have representation in 3 additional states by the end of 2009.

· To assist Veterans from anywhere in the USA to relocate to Florida or Louisiana

· We are committed to provide one house Free each month to a disabled veteran from Iraq 0r Afghanistan wars and to move their family to Louisiana or Florida.

· We will assist in finding assisted living facilities for disabled vets if needed

· We will open our Ft Myers Headquarters to all veterans from Lee, Collier or Charlotte counties to register with us.
2257 Cleveland Ave Ft Myers Fl 33901 (donated by Veteran Paul Auger, owner of Nu-Image Claims Restoration and remodeling)

· We will offer financial assistance whenever possible

· We will provide medical transportation when available

· We will expand our goals and commitments as we grow.

A Faith Based Non –Profit Company committed to Investing in our Heroes from every generation

God Bless our troops
Ralph A. Santillo, Founder of Invest In America's Veterans Foundation

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